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McMaster University

Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2009/2010

CHML Interview with Scott Thompson

Dr. Steve Hranilovic chats with CHML's Scott Thompson in anticipation of Poster Day; April 5, 2010.

Vigilance Tracking System

The Vigilance motion tracking system uses image processing techniques on sequential video frames to track the center of mass of an object using a camera mounted on a servo motor. Matt Davidson, Yusuf Dinath, Brad Potter and Aaron Reilly.

The 3D Camera System

The 3D Camera System implements the anaglyph technology concept which uses the red and cyan glass to provide depth to the image. Yaser Jafar, Charles Wah, Khaled Chebaro, and Lucas Dobrowolski.

Autonomous Line Following (ALF), Maze Discovery and Solving

ALF is an autonomous line following robot, which is capable of traversing and sovling a maze. Grant Asken, Luc Guertin, Dan Kish and Dan Lampman.

Power Line Audio Transmission

This system allows for data transfer across housing power lines or on a grander scale, underground cables. Sceuchin Chuah, Babar Mirza, Rex Wong and Perry Yip.

Contactless ECG, C-Shirt

A t-shirt that lets you monitor your ECG. Christoph Larndorfer, Emily Lukes, Reinhard Peer and Hanseul Choi.

Poster Day Photostream on Flickr

ECE Flickr Account

For all pictures from Poster Day, check out the photostream on Flickr.

Wireless Powerering and Data Transmission Via Inductive Link

An inductive link that wirelessly transmits power and communicates data between an implantable and external device over a range of 1cm. Jordy Mejia, Matt Fracalanza, Jae Hyuck Hur and Chris Stanley.

Automated Parking System

The Automated Parking System is the implementation of multiple robotics to park cars for customers. It is composed of a central computer sending wireless signals to multiple robots at several on board stations. Annie Cheong, Siutong Mak, Sheng Diep and Kenny Yeung.

Vehicle Collision Avoidance System

The Vehicle Collision Avoidance System is a prototype system developed to prevent collisions in everyday driving. Chiragkumar Patel, Minesh Rana, Vijay Rana and Rohan Thivy.

Non-Invasive Wireless Health Monitor

This system monitors the heart beat, blood oxygenation and temperature of an individual and wirelessly transmits this information to a BlackBerry device. Gagandeep Chambal, Harinder Thind, Premal Parekh, JohnMark de Mello, and Matheus Medeiros.

Automated Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds react to light and will automatically open or close depending on conditions. Hashim Alam, Basel Jarrad, Catalin-Andrei Dirdara, and Mowafak Malas.