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McMaster University

Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2011/2012

Congratulations to all our Winners!

1st Place Elec Eng:

Green Door

Mike Dawson
Luke Drijber
Scott Gooding
Jeremy Jakob

1st Place Comp Eng:

Mobile Patient Monitoring System

Asad Baig
Roshny Francis
Rohit Jayaprakash
Pratik Purohit

Umer Zafar

1st Place BioMed:

Brain Computer Interface (controlling a wheelchair)

Sartaj Dua
Anton Lodder
Zeeshan Razvi

2nd Place Elec Eng:

Speed Bump Power Generating System

Sunny Attarde
Justin Pilakka

Haneet Randhawa

2nd Place Comp Eng:

FPGA Based Chess Engine

Corey Ballantyne
Alex Kavagoe
Byron Sinclair
Andrew Taylor

2nd Place Biomed:

EMG Responsive Flexor Knee Brace

Daniel Gelman
Garret McConville
Ziqi Wang


3rd Place Elec Eng:

Easily Programmable Robotic Arm

Steven Li


3rd Place Comp Eng:

Automatic 3D Modeller

Jacob Alexander
Gary Dew
Thomas Griffatong
Sheldon Keeping


3rd Place BioMed:

Neonatal Movement Monitoring System

Nilanthy Balendra
Maureen Chan
Mridula Ajit Kumar

Poster Day Photostream on Flickr

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Scott Thompson of CHML Talks Poster Day with Dr. Mike Noseworthy

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