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Many thanks to our sponsors for contributing much needed funds for the projects and for supplying judges for the competition...




Texas Instruments



Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2012/2013

Congratulations to all our Winners!

1st Place Elec Eng:

BLADES: Bi-pedal eLectrically Actuated DrivE System

Philip Deljanov

Ali Ahad

Amanda Anton

1st Place Comp Eng:

Multipurpose CNC System

Nick Playle

Walter LaPlante

Ivica Kvasina

1st Place BioMed:

InterFace: Hands-free Accessibility Computer Interface

David Newman

Trinette Wright

Samantha Williams

2nd Place Elec Eng:

The ElectroCruiser

Vikram Sridhar

Vatsal Panchal

Nilay Desai

Ankur Malik

Negin Mahmoodi

2nd Place Comp Eng:


Bo Qin

Baidong Sun

Jianning Huang

Qiang Zheng

2nd Place Biomed:

Optimization of Brain Computer Interface for Wheelchair Control

Emily Bot

Garni Tatikian

Deanna Socha

3rd Place Elec Eng:

People Counting With IR Camera

Stuart Pritchard

Alex van Heuvelen

Artur Winiarek

Dinu Amarasinghe

3rd Place Comp Eng:

Lecture Me

Maneesha Senarath

Nicholas Paris

Soroush Akbarzadeh

Stefan Dye

3rd Place BioMed:


Anuja Goyal

Aditi Chemparathy

Akalvizhy Elanko



CNC Machine





For photographs from all Poster Days, check out our photostream on Flickr.

For videos from all Poster Days, check ECE's YouTube Channel.