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Photographs from Poster Day can be found on Flickr.


Many thanks to our sponsors for contributing much needed funds for the projects and for supplying judges for the competition...

Husky Canada (IMS)

Texas Instruments





Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2013/2014

Congratulations to all our Winners!

1st Place Elec Eng:

Remote 3D Vision system

Mike Eull

Omar Faiz

Jonathan Moscardini

George Williams


1st Place Comp Eng:

Digital Water Curtain

Ola Al-Bassam

Mohamad Al-Dahwe

Tianlan Wang

Di Yang

1st Place BioMed:

NOISE: Neural Oscillation Identification & Signal Extraction

Alex Bowes

Trevor Hilton

Elliott O'Brien

Larissa Taylor


2nd Place Elec Eng:

The Electric Trike

Colin Anderson

Scott Banks

Bradley McNeil

Peter Skomorowski


2nd Place Comp Eng:

Self-Playing Piano

Edwin Blanco

Patrick Dennis

Keshav Goyal


2nd Place Biomed:

Serenity: Navigation system for the visually impaired

Jaskaran Dhillon

Bojan Gavrilovic

Eric Lesiuta

Dwip Shah

Saurabh Shaw


3rd Place Elec Eng:

Robotic Goalkeeper

Xiaodong Chen

Jiuxin Wang

Zhen H. Wang

Shiyuan Wu


3rd Place Comp Eng:

Laser Sensing & Targeting Device

Calvin Bouwman

Berkin Can

Ranko Ivetic

Pawel Wojt


3rd Place BioMed:

Stimuskel: stroke rehabilitation device

Alexander Figueroa

Astrik Golendukhin

Jason Paquette