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ECE Expo - Electrical & Computer Engineering Final Year Project Demos (formerly known as Poster Day)

ECE Students Show Off Their Final Year Projects

On the last day of classes each year the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering gives undergraduate students the opportunity to formally present their final year design projects, just as their graduate counterparts do with their research findings at "ECE Expo". This event gives students the chance to gain feedback from faculty, peers and staff in their own and other disciplines.

Students in the full-year Elec Eng 4OI6 & Elec Eng 4BI6 capstone courses work in teams of 2-5 members, designing and developing a project using the cumulative knowledge they've gained throughout their degree. These ~45 groups compete for prizes within three categories - Electrical, Computer, or Biomedical Engineering. During ECE Expo they are judged with certain criteria by industry representatives - sponsors of the event.

All undergraduate ECE students are encouraged to attend to see what they can expect to have achieved by the 4th year of their program!

Everyone is welcome to attend! Admission is free.

Drop in & browse at your leisure! And don't hesitate to request a demonstration and ask questions!


Full coverage of all of our ECE Expo / Poster Days:






2008/2009 EE 4OI6 EE 4BI6


What's all the buzz about?

  • ECE Expo 2015/16 - On Friday April 8, 2016, 157 final year students in our department presented 41 design projects to the community. We couldn't have had such a wonderful day without the support of our sponsors, so sincere thanks to them: Texas Instruments, Quanser, Hatch, Hydro One, Hamilton Health Sciences, Pivotal and Altera. And special thank you to McMaster's W.Booth School of Engineering Practice, who provided a $500 cash prize to the student group who demonstrated the most innovative or entrepreneurial idea.
  • ECE Expo 2014/15 - On Tuesday April 7, 2015, over 160 final year students presented 46 design projects to the community. We were honoured to have a very special guest - James Politeski, President, Enterprise Business & COO of Samsung Electronics Canada, who enjoyed seeing the work of our students. Thank you to Samsung Canada and all of our sponsors.
  • Poster Day 2013/2014 - On Tuesday April 8, 2014, our 150 final year students, in 39 groups, presented the projects they've designed and developed under the supervision of Drs. Steve Hranilovic and Xun Li. Sincere thanks to our sponsors this year: Husky Injection Moulding Systems, Texas Instruments, BlackBerry, Hatch, and McMaster's Engineering Co-op & Career Services department.
  • Poster Day 2012/2013 - On Wed April 10, 2013, over 140 final year students in 40 groups presented their capstone projects from Elec Eng 4OI6 (under Dr. Hranilovic & Dr. Bakr) and from Elec Eng 4BI6 (under Dr. deBruin). Sincere thanks to our judges and sponsors Texas Instruments, AMD, BlackBerry, and Hatch for their support.
  • Poster Day 2011/2012 was a huge success! Under the supervision of Drs. Bakr, Hranilovic,and Li (Elec & Comp Eng), and Dr. deBruin (BioMed), 36 teams presented their projects. Sincere thanks to our sponsors Texas Instruments, AMD, Sigma Designs, General Electric & RIM for their financial support and for the judges they provided.


Next event:

Thursday April 6, 2017

9:00am to 4:00pm

CIBC Hall (3rd floor of McMaster University Student Centre)

Directions to the Student Centre (MUSC) here

We look forward to welcoming you at this very exciting event which features our final year undergraduate students presenting their design projects! Come see what might be in common use in the near future!

This year we have a record number of projects and students - 182 students presenting 49 projects!

Thank you to our sponsors this year: TI, Keysight Technologies, Gap Wireless, McMaster eHealth Program, Liberty Airport Systems, Hatch, Hydro One, Siemens, Aversan, Qualcomm, EMBS, JMP Engineering, and Intelligent Diagnosis Corporation.

For more information on this event, please contact ECE's Undergraduate Administrative Assistant.