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List of all projects and team members

Many thanks to our sponsors for contributing much needed funds for the projects and for supplying judges for the competition...

Texas Instruments

Prolucid Technologies Inc.



Palero Safety Engineering

Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2014/2015

Congratulations to all our Winners!


1st Place Elec Eng:

Glove Integrated Electrical Test & Analysis Apparatus

Andrew Hoang

Warren Pawlikowski

Samuel Rawson

Daniel Shaughnessy



1st Place Comp Eng:


Shivam Bhojak

Zhe Chen

Tanguy Hector

Xiaoxu Zheng


1st Place BioMed:


Andrew Mahabal

Dickson Wong

Dennis Yazhemsky



2nd Place Elec Eng:

Single Source

Esam Abdulsatar

Patrick Hung

Maano Moilwa

Craig Sloggett



2nd Place Comp Eng:

Angry Birds In Motion

Zihao Bai

Fred Lin

Chen Tang



2nd Place Biomed:


Wilfred Cho

Paul Malcolm

Daniel Tajik



3rd Place Elec Eng:


Jonathan Chong

Scott Heath

Dan Perlman

Jordan Robinson



3rd Place Comp Eng:

Lego Sorter

Michael Bot

Haoding Li

Mark Shanks

Ross Willett



3rd Place BioMed:

EOG Hearing Assistive Device

Emily Au

Rebecca Gagnon

Magy Salib