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What all the buzz is about...

  • Videos of some projects are on our Youtube channel.
  • New award - the W.Booth School of Engineering Practice offered an award this year to the group who demonstrated the most innovative and entrepreneurial idea. The award was a $500 cash prize for the group, plus a waiver of application fees should any of the group members wish to pursue a graduate program at the school. The winning group was L07 "Eyetracking (EOG)".

Many thanks to our sponsors for contributing much needed funds for the projects and for supplying judges for the competition...

Texas Instruments




Hamilton Health Sciences


Hydro One

Elec Eng 4OI6/4BI6 Design Projects - 2015/2016

Congratulations to all our Winners!


1st Place Elec Eng:

The Smart Socket

Jonathan Adams

Derek Barnes

Matthew Pawelke

Gerrit Westenberg


1st Place Comp Eng:

Dartless Dartboard

Kevin Abraham

Michael Miranda

Estime Ntwari

Bayezin Selim

1st Place BioMed:


Bhavesh Kakwani

Bhavit Patel

Xinyan (Tom) Yang




2nd Place Elec Eng:

The Helping Hand

Eugene Evseyev

Daniel Koh

Alex Mekic

Michael Tran



2nd Place Comp Eng:

Tactile Height Varying Shape Display

Daniyal Ajmi

Andrew Cording

Arnold Prem

Tong (Tony) Wu



2nd Place Biomed:


Mohsin Khan

Olivia Paserin

Rami Saab

Kosuke Shimizu




3rd Place Elec Eng:

Interactive Piano Teacher

James Harper

Bo Lian

Sofia Vasilyeva

Kevin Zielinski



3rd Place Comp Eng:

Applications of Visual Light Communication

Ricky Hu

Colin Nurnberg

Damilola Oyero

Vinodh Rodrigues



3rd Place BioMed:


Albert Barberiz

Mandakini Jain

Akiv Jhirad

Larona Toteng