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Please refer to your ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT REPORT for a listing of all electives you are able to take FOR CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR DEGREE. Each students' ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT REPORT is unique, so please read it carefully, and ensure THAT you are fulfilling the requirements for your own degree.


Note: The following lists are final for the specific academic year. No additions to the current lists will be considered. Any suggestions for additional courses may be made to your Program Advisor (in the ECE Department), and will be considered for the following year.

As with ALL courses, you must have the prerequisites to take these courses. Permission is sometimes required to take a course, particularly if the course is offered in a department other than your own.

If you do not have the prerequisite for an elective, you can request Permission to take the course from the department that offers the course. Please note that Permission requests are NOT guaranteed -it is up to the department that offers the course whether you are allowed to take the course or not. Because of this and the popularity of elective courses, plan to take another course in case your request is denied. The ECE Permission request form can be found here. For courses offered in other departments, refer to that departments' website for their forms and processes.

Electives must fit into your timetable without conflict, so if one elective creates a conflict then choose another!


Technical Electives (2 types)

"Technical Electives" - "ECE Technical Elective" refers to courses on the Approved List for each program (here) as per the Program Layouts and your Academic Advisement Report, and the "ECE Directed Technical Elective" refers to the courses listed for your program in the Undergraduate Calendar (of the year which you began your program).

"Faculty of Engineering Technical Electives" - are Engineering or Applied Science courses in subjects relevant to the particular program. Please refer to the General Statement for Faculty of Engineering Technical Electives here.


Complementary Electives

"Complementary Studies Electives"are broadening courses with subject matter that deals with central issues, methodologies and processes of the humanities and social sciences.

In addition to ENGINEER 4A03 and ENGINEER 2B03, complementary studies electives are required in all Engineering programs.

An approved list is published each spring and is available from the Engineering Student Services office. If you wish to take a course that is not on that approved list, please inquire at the Engineering Student Services office (on the 3rd floor of the new Gerald Hatch Centre), as all complementary studies elective courses must be authorized by them (the ECE Department cannot authorize these credits).