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McMaster University

Computer Engineering Research

Digital and computer engineering research within the ECE department covers a wide range of interests including software engineering, computing theory, parallel computing, artificial intelligence and expert systems, computer architecture and hardware, computer vision and computer communication networks. In many instances, there is strong interaction with other research groups and the Department of Computing and Software as well as participation in federal and provincial centres of excellence.

The Computer-Aided Design and Test Research Group (CADT) studies issues related to the design automation and validation of embedded computing systems. The innovative hardware structures and architectures integrated with pertinent software algorithms and methodologies aim to reduce the design productivity gap caused by the very rapid increase in the complexity of modern systems-on-a-chip (SOC). The investigated techniques enable the efficient implementation of reliable hardware and software systems for data and signal processing, fault tolerant and safety critical real-time computing, infrastructure for virtual private networks, multimedia interfaces and other embedded information appliances.

The Simulation Optimization Systems (SOS) Research Laboratory is carrying out research in computer-aided engineering of systems, networks and high-frequency and microwave integrated circuits. It is strongly computer-oriented and over the past decade, has received substantial support through various strategic and equipment grants as well as through industrial interaction. General topics of interest include efficient algorithms for linear and nonlinear programming, circuit simulation, device modeling, parameter extraction, sensitivity analysis, nonlinear programming, minimax approximation, worst-case design, yield estimation and optimization, sparse matrix techniques, hierarchical decomposition for very large systems, optimization system design and artificial intelligence in statistical optimization systems. Modeling and optimization are applied to large complex systems as encountered in GaAs microwave and millimetre-wave monolithic integrated circuits, microwave filters and multiplexers and the solution of field problems for active devices and microstrip structures. In all areas, excellent interaction with industry is fostered and encouraged.

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