McMaster University




The research activities of the multimedia signal processing group are generally in developing algorithms and techniques for representation, dissemination, processing, understanding, storage, and retrieval of multimedia data, such as image, video, graphics, speech, audio, video, animation and text.  Moreover, the group is actively engaged in hardware implementation of multimedia signal processing techniques. Some of the research projects currently conducted by the group members are:

  • Multimedia coding and communications
  • Signal quantization and source coding
  • Image and video processing
  • Medical imaging
  • Image sensors
  • Hardware architectures for video and signal processing

The group occupies a state-of-the-art 1200 sq. ft. research lab in newly constructed annex of Information Technology Building. The group’s research facility includes: workstations, file server, parallel processing computer cluster, a variety of cameras, camcorders and image capturing boards, plasma display, HDTV, printer, scanner, ultrasound imaging system, ATM test bed, wireless hardware and prototyping boards. The group is led by Drs. Xiaolin Wu and Shahram Shirani. There are typically 16 Masters and PhD students working in the group.  These students are usually the best and brightest students of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.