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McMaster University

Computer Network Research

The computer networks research group conducts a variety of leading-edge research in key areas relating to wireless and wireline communication networks. These activities currently include the design and performance modelling of systems which support cellular and wireless Internet applications. This is a very important area for the telecommunications industry and the group has strong links to key Canadian companies working in this field. Some activities currently in progress:

  • Resource allocation in mobile cellular communication networks
    • Quality-of-service provisioning for multimedia traffic
    • Network access control and admission control
    • Mobility management and handoff management
  • Low cost pico-cellular networking for Internet attachment objects including work on the following topics:
    • Multimedia Pico-cellular Internet Access Networks
    • Infrastructure-based ad hoc quality of service networking
    • Smart pico-cellular handsets and infrastructure
    • Real-time pico-cellular multimedia
    • Low Power Protocol and Handset Design for voice/video applications
    • Pico-/Macro-Cellular Interworking

These activities include the design and characterization of networks based on existing and emerging air interface standards such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth and CDMA-based systems.

Other Research Programs Available: