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McMaster University

Signal Processing Engineering Research

The objective of the Advanced Signal Processing for Communications (ASPC) Group is to develop high performance, robust and efficient signal processing techniques for the advancement of modern communication systems. Our work covers a wide range of the development cycle: from fundamental algorithm design and analysis, through analytical and simulation-based performance evaluation and testing on `real-world' data, to the development of software for the implementation of the algorithms on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) boards. The algorithms are applied to a diverse range of communication systems, including wire-line, cellular and satellite telephony, radar and array signal processing, and target identification and tracking. In addition, the generic nature of our algorithm design and analysis has exposed further applications in optimal control, finance and computer systems.

The diverse backgrounds and interests of the members of the ASPC Group provide a lively research atmosphere which fosters `cross-fertilization' and the creation of new and fruitful ideas. Indeed, our broad spectrum of work and applications is ensconced in our group philosophy: Diversity, Quality and Applicability

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