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McMaster University

Mac Solar Car and ECE

What's Up?

The Mac Solar Car team has safely arrived home. The team placed 22nd out of 32 teams. Congrats go to Amanda Anton and Morgan Cunningham, two ECE undergrads!


WSC 2009 Finish Line Cheer

WSC and Phoenix II
(Sung to Battle Hymn of the Republic)

We built this car in Canada and shipped it in a crate
Driving across Australia just sounded really great
On our qualifying round our current draw grew higher
We went once around the track and then our car caught fire.

Phoenix II is a solar car that did not drive too far
It crashed upon the Stuart so we all went to the bar
On noticing its wheels were broke a scrutineer discoursed
She's a busted hunk of Kevlar and she should be reinforced

McMaster team and Phoenix II and Phoenix II set out for Uluru
It was a crazy stunt but we got a really great view
We've met some teams we've learned a lot we've come a long, long way
And we love our car despite the flaws and will be back one day


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WSC Song at Adelaide Finish 2009