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McMaster University

Student Funding Policy


The ECE Department believes in supporting ECE-related student groups, and individual students by providing monetary donations when department budgets allow.

The ECE department will also endeavor to assist the student group or student(s) in non-monetary ways e.g., room bookings, advertising, as is reasonably possible.


It is possible that, depending on the number of requests in a given year, that funding is denied or partial funding is given.

Donation dollars must go towards student events and/or equipment.  Funding amounts are subject to change each year. 

A Student Funding Request Form must be completed in full and submitted to the department administrator.

Requests must be made before the event commences.

Itemized receipts must be provided in order to receive reimbursement and must be received no later than one week after the event.

Any decisions made by the department regarding funding are final.

Selection Factors

Factors for the selection of successful requests include:

  • Events that relate most to ECE and benefit the most ECE students
  • Student groups that demonstrate active fund-raising
  • Events that best promote McMaster’s ECE Department


The university’s fiscal year is from May 1st - April 30th.  

Student Funding Request Forms should be completed and submitted to the ECE department administrator by October 30th for first consideration during the academic year.  It is highly recommended that requests for anytime during the academic year be made during this time as most of the department’s budget will likely be used.

Forms submitted after October 30th will be considered for second-round consideration in February. The deadline for February submissions is February 28th. 

Any requests received after February 28th may or may not be assessed, depending on budget resources.

Request forms will be assessed and approved by the Chair and Administrator.

Donations will be distributed by cheque, or by reimbursement through the student or group’s presentation of receipts to the department, as directed by the department.