Former members of the Auditory Engineering Lab:

Image of Laura Green Laura Green (e-mail:
  • Completed Integrated Science Honours Thesis; Project: Biophysical modelling of auditory nerve fibers
  • Now starting Masters at NYU Center for Neural Science
Image of Yousof Erfani Yousof Erfani (e-mail:
  • Completed post-doctoral fellowship; Project: Modelling the effects of genetic hearing loss on the auditory periphery
  • Now a Data Scientist at Citi, Toronto
Image of Michael Wirtzfeld Michael Wirtzfeld, Ph.D. (e-mail:
  • Completed Ph.D. in ECE; Project: Model-based speech intelligibility and quality predictors
  • Now a Biomedical Research Engineer at Vivosonic Inc., Tornoto
Image of Jason Boulet Jason Boulet, Ph.D. (web site:; e-mail:
  • Completed Ph.D. in Neuroscience; Project: Biophysical and stochastic-process models of cochlear implant stimulation
  • Now a Senior Data Scientist at Savormetrics Inc.& Nanolytix Inc., Mississauga
Image of Sonia Tabibi Sonia Tabibi (web site:
  • Visiting Ph.D. student, funded by the ICanHear network; Project: Phenomenological modelling of cochlear implant stimulation of a population of auditory nerve fibers.
  • Ph.D. student in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH Zürich & Universitätsspital Zürich, Switzerland
Image of Dana Swarbrick Dana Swarbrick (web site:
  • Undergrad (Psychology - Music Cognition) student; Project: Analysis of live music recordings in the LIVELab.
  • Now a Masters student at the University of Toronto
Image of Stephanie Cheung Stephanie Cheung (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in ECE; Project: Physiological modelling of ILD processing for linked and unlinked bilateral hearing aids
  • Now a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
Image of Spencer Chambers Spencer Chambers (web site:
  • Summer undergraduate research student; Project: Biophysical modelling of synaptic transmission and spike generation at the IHC-AN synapse
  • Now a Resident in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Western University, London, Ontario
Image of Rasha Ibrahim Rasha A. Ibrahim, Ph.D. (
  • Completed Ph.D. in ECE; Project: Contributions of envelope and temporal-fine-structure cues in speech intelligibility
  • Now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and Physics, Cairo University, Egypt
Image of Tim Zeyl Timothy J. Zeyl, Ph.D. (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in ECE; Project: Model-based hearing aid algorithms
  • Now a Senior Engineer in Big Data Research Team at the Huawei Technologies, Canada Research Centre, Markham, ON
Image of Stephen Vetsis Stephen Vetsis ( )
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in ECE; Project: Modeling of the effects of hearing loss on neural responses in the auditory brainstem
  • Now a Regulatory Policy Analyst at the Ontario Energy Board, Toronto, ON
Image of Mohamed Negm Mohamed H. Negm (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in BME; Project: Models of stochastic ion channel gating for cochlear implant stimulation
  • Now a Certifier in the CSA Group, Toronto, ON
Image of Faheem Dinath Faheem Dinath (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in BME; Project: Model-based hearing aid amplification schemes
  • Now a Finance Project Manager, Rogers Communications, Brampton, ON
Image of Benedict Leung Benedict Leung
  • Completed M.Eng. in Elec. & Biomed. Eng.; Project: Physiological assessment of hearing aid compression schemes
Image of M.S.A. Zilany M. S. Arefeen Zilany, Ph.D. (Zilany)
  • Completed Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellowship in ECE; Project: Normal and impaired models of the auditory periphery
  • Now an Assistant Professor, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Image of Melissa Perri Melissa Perri (
  • NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award student; Project: Algorithms for modelling stochastic ion channel gating
  • Now a Regulartory & Compliance Manager at Cloud DX, Waterloo, Ontario
Image of Jeff Bondy Jeff Bondy, Ph.D. (
  • Completed Ph.D. in ECE; Project: Modeling auditory perception in normal and hearing-impaired listeners
  • Now the Principal Engineer, Cortex Designs Inc., Toronto, ON
Image of Naomi Harte Naomi Harte, Ph.D. (
  • Postdoctoral Fellow; Project: Combining frequency shaping and compression in hearing aids
  • Now an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Image of Shahab Ansari Shahabuddin (Shahab) Ansari, Ph.D.
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in ECE; Project: Combining frequency shaping and compression in hearing aids
  • Now a Research Associate in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
Image of Jennifer Ko Jennifer Ko, LL.B. (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the ECE Department for an outstanding thesis; Project: Lateral-inhibitory-network processing of spontaneous and speech-driven neural activity
  • Now the Senior Counsel, Legal & Intellectual Property at Husky Injection Molding Systems, Toronto, Ontario
Image of Kamran Mustafa Kamran Mustafa (
  • Completed M.A.Sc. in ECE; Project: Robust formant tracking in noise
  • Now a Senior Manager, Amazon Lab126, Sunnyvale, CA
Image of Sid Das Siddharth Das (
  • Undergraduate Student; Project: Synthesis of realistic speech for evaluation of speech-feature estimation algorithms
  • Now a Section Manager - Project Management and Controls at AMEC NSS, Thornhill, Ontario
Image of Harjeet Bajaj Harjeet Bajaj (
  • Undergraduate Student; Project: Lateral-inhibitory-network models of tinnitus
  • Now the CEO of Nanolytix Inc., Canada International Trade Services Inc., and Tiara Business Solutions Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
Image of Christoph Kallenberger Dr.-Ing. Christoph P. Kallenberger (
  • Undergraduate Student; Project: Models of convergent auditory-nerve input onto coincidence-detector neurons in the cochlear nucleus
  • Now a Development Engineer, Automobile Industry, Leonberg, Germany

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