Research Facilities

• Dielectric Probe from Agilent Technologies
• Vector Network Analyzers (3.8 GHz, 50 GHz, 110 GHz, 4-port 20 GHz, 16-port 20 GHz)
• Spectrum Analyzers
• High-Speed Oscilloscopes
• Arbitrary Waveform Generator (Tektronix AWG7102)
Manncorp MC301 Reflow Oven
Weller® Soldering Station
• Microscope with Camera
• XY and Rotary Scanning Systems
• 3-in-1 3D Printer, CNC Mill & Laser Engraver (BoXZY)
• High-Frequency CAD Packages:
Ansoft HFSS, Maxwell
CST Microwave Studio
Remcom t XFDTD
Zeland IE3D, Fidelity
Faustus MEFiSTo-3D Pro
Agilent ADS, Momentum
Sonnet em
QWED Sp. z o.o. QuickWave