Source code for the Bruce, Erfani and Zilany (2018) Auditory Nerve Model (Dec 2023 Update)

This code is for the auditory periphery model developed by the Bruce, Zilany, and Carney labs described in:

Bruce, I. C., Erfani, Y., and Zilany, M. S. A. (2018). "A phenomenological model of the synapse between the inner hair cell and auditory nerve: Implications of limited neurotransmitter release sites," Hearing Research 360:40–54.

with the with the synapse modifications described in:

Bruce, I., Buller, A., and Zilany, M. "Modeling of auditory nerve fiber input/output functions near threshold," Acoustics 2023, Sydney, Australia, December 2023.

Please cite these two publications if you publish any research results obtained with this code or any modified versions of this code.

Souce code for this latest version of the model is available at:

This code is suitable for compiling and running in either Matlab or Octave. See the readme.txt file for instructions.

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