Past Projects:

A Machine Learning Approach for Digitalization of Engineering Specifications and Documents (Mitacs Accelerate Grant)

LED Controller and Software for Real Time Seamless Video Walls (NSERC Engage Grant)

Deep-learning-based Image Style Transfer with Generative Adversarial Network (Mitacs Accelerate Grant)

Indirect Domain Shift for Single Image Dehazing (Mitacs Globalink Research Award)

E-Community Health and Toxicity (Mitacs Accelerate Grant)

Deep-learning-based Fine-grained Furniture Classification and Winning Strategy Recommendation (Mitas Accelerate Grant)

Jordan Shapes for Deep Learning (Mitacs Accelerate Grant)

Automated Deep Alpha Matting for Vehicle Images (NSERC Engage Grant)

A Rate-Constrained Video Descriptor Based on the Information Bottleneck Principle (NSERC Engage Grant)

Toward a Fundamental Theory of Gaussian Source-Channel Networks (NSERC Discovery Grant)

New Coding Techniques for Non-Volatile Memory (IBM Faculty Award)

A New Look at the Fundamental Limits of Multisource Multicast Communication (Early Researcher Award)

Network Data Compression: Fundamental Limits and Practical Schemes (NSERC Discovery Grant)