Control System Design (EE 4CL4)
Term I (Fall) 2011

Nov. 11:The Project is available. Also see this.
Nov. 8:Assignment 3 is available.

Nov. 1:
There is no class today.
Nov. 1:
The mid-term test will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 12:30-1:30pm in Room T29 105.
Oct. 21:Assignment 2 is available.
Sept. 21:
Assignment 1 is available.
Sept. 21:Notes 1-11 are available.
Sept. 9: Notes 1 is available.
Sept. 9: Course outline is available.

T. Kirubarajan (Kiruba)
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Phone: x24819
Email: kiruba at mcmaster dot ca
Office: ITB-A 112A
Office hours: Tue., Wed., Fri. 11:00am-12:30pm

Course Web Page:

Teaching Assistants:
Xin Chen, ITB-A 202, x23151, chenx73 at univmail dot cis dot mcmaster dot ca
Krishanth Krishnan, ITB-A 202, x23151, krishk8 at univmail dot cis dot mcmaster dot ca
Bo Li, ITB-A 202, x23151, lib27 at univmail dot cis dot mcmaster dot ca

Lectures: Tue., Wed. and Fri. 12:30-1:20 pm, JHE/326
Tutorials: Thurs. 9:30-10:20 JHE/326
Lab: Mon., Tues. 2:30-5:30 ITB/154

Course Text:Class notes based on [Chen] will be available as downloadable PDF files.
[Chen] Chi-Tsong Chen, Linear System Theory and Design (Third Edition), Oxford University Press, 1998, ISBN: 0195117778.

Relevant chapters/sections from the book: 1, 2, 3.1-3.3, 4.1-4.4, 5.1-5.3, 6.1-6.7, 7.1-7.3, 8.1-8.5, 9.1-9.3

Relevant page from the notes: 1, 2.1-2.13, 3, 4.1-4.25, 5.1-5.31, 6.1-6.35, 7.1-7.26, 8.1-8.24, 9.1.-9.25 (problem setup only; no need to solve), 10.1-10.28, 11.1-11.12

Alternative Text:
[Brogan] William Brogan, Modern Control Theory (Third Edition), Prentice Hall, 1990.

Additional Resource:
1. Getting started with MATLAB from MathWorks
2. Numerical Computing with MATLAB by Cleve Moler
3. An Introduction to Linear Algebra by Barry Wise and Neal Gallagher
4. Elementray Linear Algebra by K.R. Matthews

Course Objectives:
This course is intended as an advanced course on linear systems & control theory, design and implementation. The objective is to present a comprehensive coverage of the state-space modeling tools needed by an electrical engineering student specializing in the above areas.

Tentative Outline:

  1. Linear spaces and linear operators

  2. Mathematical descriptions of systems

  3. State-space models, solutions and realizations

  4. Controllability and observability of linear systems

  5. State feedback, state estimators and observers

  6. Stability of linear and non-linear systems

  7. Applications

Total Lectures: 39 (including reviews and discussions)
Note: The course outline is subject to change. Material from the texts will be supplemented with additional class notes.

Grading Policy:
Final exam (3hrs): 50%
Mid-term test (1hr): 25%
Assignments, lab work, quizzes and projects: 25%

Late penalty for labs work, projects and assignments: 10% per day and no credit after one week.
Students missing the regular midterm with valid documentation will be required to undergo an oral test.
The grading policy is subject to change.

Lab Assignments and Projects:
No need to go to the lab until the lab assignment is posted on the web and announced in the class.

Standard McMaster calculator and one "cheat-sheet" (letter-size; both sides; handwritten only) will be allowed for mid-term and final exams.

Policy Reminders:
The Faculty of Engineering is concerned with ensuring an environment that is free of all adverse discrimination. If there is a problem, that cannot be resolved by discussion among the persons concerned, individuals are reminded they should contact the Departmental Chair, the Sexual Harassment Officer or the Human Rights Consultant, as soon as possible.

Students are reminded that they should read and comply with the Statement on Academic Ethics and the Senate Resolutions on Academic Dishonesty as found in the Senate Policy Statements distributed at registration and available at the senate office.