lab location:

Imaging Research Centre,

Fontbonne Bldg. Room F126-4

St. Joseph’s Healthcare, 50 Charlton Ave. E.,

Hamilton, ON, Canada.  L8N 4A6

phone: (905) 522-1155 x35218

To get to the hospital via road- take the 403 into Hamilton. Exit 403 on to “Main Street East”.  Follow Main Street East for approximately 6-7 lights (?) all the way into downtown Hamilton.  Turn RIGHT on to James Street South.  Follow James St. for about 4 lights (?) you'll see the hospital (St. Joseph's Healthcare) on the left.  Go past “Hospital Emergency” and start going up the hill ("mountain")- STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE or you'll end up veering to the left which is what you don't want!!.  Go into the Fontbonne Building visitor parking garage (on the left).

To get to the IRC (Imaging Research Centre), exit the parking garage and turn RIGHT.  You will be walking outside on a covered walkway attached to the side of the hospital. Enter the Fontbonne building entrance through a roundabout door (on the LEFT, under the covered walkway). Once inside this entrance you are beside the IRC as the right hand wall is the west wall of our centre.  Immediately on the right (beside the hospital entrance) is the entrance for PET/CT.  To get to the MRI entrance (and my office) you will need to walk straight ahead (towards the main hospital).  This hallway then turns right and the IRC entrance is about 15paces down the hall on the right (Room F-126).  My office is just inside on the left (room F126-4).  If you are between the hours of 9am and 4pm you can walk in.  After hours you will have to use the phone on the wall opposite the entrance.

Fontbonne Parking garage:

latitude:   43°14'50.38"N

longitude:  79°52'21.21"W

My lab:

latitude:    43°14'50.29"N

longitude:   79°52'16.76"W


GE Healthcare 3T Discovery MR750

  1. -multinuclear capabilities

  (3He, 13C, 19F, 23Na, 31P, 129Xe)

  1. -proton decoupler

  2. -functional MRI presentation hardware

Siemens Biograph-16 PET/CT

  1. -currently only have 18F access

  2. -isotopes produced with the cyclotron on the McMaster campus.

RF lab facility for building, repairing, and testing custom MR imaging coils (above and left).