Electrical and Computer Engineering 797:
Speech and Audio Processing
(Winter 2004)


To provide an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for the analysis, modeling, synthesis and coding of speech and music. To provide a foundation for developing applications and for further study in the field.  To introduce software tools for the analysis and manipulation of speech and music and to gain practical experience in the design and implementation of speech and music processing algorithms.


Dr. Ian Bruce,
CRL 229, Ext. 26984.
Prerequisite: Senior undergraduate or graduate level DSP course



Course Outline:

Introduction to the Production and Classification of Speech Sounds (1.5 lectures)

Acoustics of Music Production (0.5 lectures)

Acoustics of Speech Production (0.5 lectures)

Room Acoustics and Digital Effects (0.5 lectures)

Analysis and Synthesis of Pole-Zero Speech Models (2 lectures)

Short-Time Fourier Transform Analysis and Synthesis (1 lecture)

Sinusoidal Analysis/Synthesis (0.5 lectures)

Homomorphic Signal Processing (2 lectures)

Filter-Bank Analysis/Synthesis (1 lecture)

Speech Coding (1.5 lectures)

(Total Course = 11 x 3-hour lectures)

Term: II.


Assignments (30% ); Project and presentation (40%); Final (30%).

Lecture slides:

Lecture slides in PDF format will be posted on this web site before each lecture:

Lecture #1 (Tuesday, January 13)
Lecture #2 (Thursday, January 22) - Continues with notes from Lecture #1
Lecture #3 (Thursday, January 29)
Lecture #4 (Thursday, February 5)
Lecture #5 (Thursday, February 12)
Lecture #6 (Thursday, February 19) - Continues with notes from Lecture #5
Lecture #7 (Thursday, March 4)
Lecture #8 (Thursday, March 11)
Lecture #9 (Thursday, March 18) - Continues with notes from Lecture #8
Lecture #10 (Thursday, March 25)
Lecture #11 (Thursday, April 1)


Assignment #1 and required sound file oilyrag.wav.
Assignment #2 and required sound file assgn2.wav.
Assignment #3

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