ELEC ENG 3CK3: Mathematics for Linear Systems 

Course Objectives:

   This course serves as the foundation for most other subsequent courses in electrical, computer and biomedical engineering. After completion of this course, the student will have gained the introductory knowledge required for the remaining part of their curriculum. 

Course Description:

            Course Outline


            Two Assignments - 10%  (each 5% )     Homework 1

            Tutorial Attendance - 4% (random check)

            Two Midterms - 36% (each 18%)     Midterm Exam One: Oct. 10, 2008        Midterm Exam Two: Nov. 10, 2008                               

            Final Exam - 50%    

Important: Students must pass the combined midterm/exam component separately to get a pass in the course. The midterm and exam will be combined with the weighting 36% on the midterm and 50% on the final. A grade of 50% in this combination must be attained to pass. Statistical adjustments (such as bell curving) will not normally be used.

Please note that students who miss the midterm, and who have a valid excuse, will be subjected to an oral makeup test or a written test, at the discretion of the instructor. Those who do not have a valid excuse will be assessed zero for the midterm component of the final grade.        

Lecture Notes: 

           Lecture Time and Place: 

            Dr. Jian-Kang Zhang: Monday, Thursday, 9:30-10:20, Tuesday, 10:30-11:20, T28/001     


            Dr. Jun Chen: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 13:30-14:20, BSB/106     


            Lecture Notes


            Custom Courseware: Shlomo Karni and William J. Byatt, Mathematical Methods in Continuous and Discrete Systems


            James Brown and Ruel Churchill: Complex Variables and Applications, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, ISBN-13: 9780072872521, 2004

Office Hour:   

            Dr. Jian-Kang Zhang: Thursday, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Room: ITB A217, Ext. 27599

            Dr. Jun Chen: Monday, 2:30pm-3:30pm, Room: ITB A221, Ext. 20163

Practice Problems:

            Practice Problem 1 

            Practice Problem 2  

            Practice Problem 3 

Teaching Assistants:

            Min Huang (Tutorial), ITB A202, ext. 23151, Email:  huangm2@mcmaster.ca

            Amin Behnad (Tutorial), ITB A103, ext. 26112, Email: behnad@grads.ece.mcmaster.ca

                T01 (Monday)           12:30-13:20    PC/155 starting Sept. 15                          

                T02 (Wednesday)      12:30-13:20    MDCL/1110 starting Sept. 17          

            Lin Song is responsible for assignment marking, invigilating two midterms, midterm marking, final exam marking and the calculation of average mark.