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Research Interests

My research interests are in robotics, haptics, telerobotics, and medical robotics. These include advanced controls for time-delay teleoperation, design and control of haptic interfaces, cooperative haptics and teleoperation systems, robotic-assisted surgery/telesurgery, and high performance parallel computing for real-time simulation of soft-tissue deformation. More recently, I have also developed an interest in in applications of advanced model predictive controls and optimization in smart grids, smart microgrids, and hybrid-electric and electric vehicles. Our group has also been working on system development and control of a novel aerial robotic manipulator.

Our past and current research projects have involved a mixture of theory and application from theoretical work in the control of teleoperation systems and haptic interfaces, to applications of haptics and telerobotics in computer-assisted surgical intervention, and adaptive energy management for smart microgrids. Our group is in close collaboration with the McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO), McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences, and key industry partners to help facilitate the translation of our research into new technologies for the end-users.

Research Themes

  • Model predictive Control for Transportation Systems
  • Opimization and Control of Aerial Robotics Systems
  • Energy Management and Control of Smart Microgrids
  • Control and Coordination of Asymmetric Teleoperation Systems
  • Cooperative Telerobotics and Haptics Systems
  • Time-delay Teleoperation Control


  • Deformable Multimodal Medical Image Registration
  • Parallel Computing for Real-time Simulation of Soft-tissue Deformation
  • Robotic-assisted Surgery/Telesurgery
  • Haptic Interface Design and Control
  • Active Machine Vision for Object Recognition and Pose Estimation