Computer-Aided Design and Test Research Group (CADT)

Welcome to the Computer-Aided Design and Test Research Group (CADT) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McMaster University. The main focus of our current research is on VLSI test, post-silicon validation and design methods for hardware accelerators.

Current groups members: Amin Vali, Trevor Pogue, Stefan Dumitrescu and Nicola Nicolici.

Below is a list of the Ph.D. theses (as well as some representative M.A.Sc. theses) supervised/co-supervised by Nicola Nicolici.

Ph.D. theses

M.A.Sc. theses

Books: N. Nicolici and B.M. Al-Hashimi, Power-Constrained Testing of VLSI Circuits, Springer, February 2003, ISBN 1-4020-7235-X.

P. Girard, N. Nicolici and X. Wen (Editors), Power-Aware Testing and Test Strategies for Low Power Devices, Springer November 2009, ISBN 978-1-4419-0927-5.

Papers: IET/IEEE conference and journal papers can be downloaded from IEEEXplore.


Source Verilog files for MP3 audio and MPEG2 audio/video decoding are available here.

Last changed on  July 1, 2017