All our software tools and code can be downloaded from the lab's gitlab page HERE. For questions, feel free to send me an EMAIL.


MCSim is an Open-Source Extensible DRAM Memory Controller Simulator. MCsim provides a modular and configurable framework, which enables the designer to develop, test, and analyze a specific module of the MC design without affecting the other entities, and hence, eases the modeling of new MC policies. MCsim is designed based on the observation that even though different MCs employ widely different scheduling schemes, they still process memory requests by a set of common functions that are used to implement standard hardware blocks and processing flows. These functions tend to contribute the majority of the code in any simulator, and thus, can be reused across different designs.
MCSim source code is avaiable "HERE" and its details are recently published in the IEEE CAL paper "HERE"
If you intend to use MCsim, please cite our paper using the following BIBTEX:

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PENDULUM is a time-based cache coherence protocol to enable simultaneous and predictable access to shared data in Multi-Core Mixed Criticality Systems.
We release the implementation of PENDULUM in the Gem5 simualtor HERE. PENDULUM was published in RTSS'19, the paper can be downloaded from HERE. If you intend to use this code, please cite our paper using the following BIBTEX:

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PMSI is a predictable cache coherence protocol, which mandates the use of certain invariants to ensure predictability. In particular, PMSI enforces these invariants by augmenting the classic modify-share-invalid (MSI) protocol with transient coherence states, and minimal architectural changes.
We release the implementation of PMSI in the Gem5 simualtor HERE. PMSI was published in RTAS'17, the paper can be downloaded from HERE. If you intend to use this code, please cite our paper using the following BIBTEX:

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MCXplore is an automated framework for the validation of dynamic random access memory controllers (DRAM MCs) called MCXplore. MCXplore enables validation engineers to define their test plans precisely as temporal logic specifications. Then, it uses the NuSMV model-checker to generate counter-examples that serve as test templates; hence, MCXplore uses these test templates to generate memory tests to validate the correctness properties of the memory controller. We show the effectiveness of MCXplore by validating various state-of-the- art MC features as well as hard-to-detect timing violations that often occur. We also provide a set of predefined test plans, and regression tests that validate essential properties of modern DRAM MCs. We release MCXplore as an open-source framework to allow validation engineers and researchers to extend and use.
The code as well as the test suites can be downlowded from HERE. MCXplore was published in DATE'16 (paper is HERE) and the extended version in TCAD'17 (paper is HERE) . If you intend to use this code, please cite our papers using the following BIBTEX:

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